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Ragdoll Lashes

Welcome to Ragdoll Lashes. You perhaps found us because you want beautiful lashes, are we right? For finesse, the finest quality and the best lashes in the South, Ragdoll Lashes are at your services. 

About Us

We offer the following lash styles to help you create the perfect look:

– Classic
– Hybrids
– Russian Volume 

We use only the best equipment and lash technology to ensure you get maximum impact with a natural feel.

*We have been known to mix styles to create unique lash finishes and will always work with you to ensure you are 100% happy with the results.

Your Eyelash Artist 

I’m Megan, your lash artist. I understand the desire to have beautiful lashes as a lash addict myself. Whether you want a natural look or full on glam, I can work with you. Upon meeting, I will speak to you about the look you want to achieve and will recommend the best lashes to give you the outcome you desire. I have built my own business on my own lash experiences, providing the highest level of service possible. 

My trusted sidekick is my cat. If you don’t like cats for whatever reason, he won’t take offence. We’ll put Netflix on in the other room for him to flick through whilst we work on making your eyes even more beautiful.

Megan. X

Our Gallery Showcase

Classic Lashes

Classic lashes are created applying 1 lash extension to 1 natural lash. Perfect for those that want a very natural look. Classic lashes are used to enhance the length of your natural lashes using various curls to open up the eye. Perfect for that subtle ‘mascara’ look. 

Hybrid Lashes

Hybrid lashes are created using a mixture of classic lashes and volume fans. Volume fans are applied to the natural lash with anything from 2 – 10+ lashes per fan (depending on the look you want). The volume fans are fluffy and light so they don’t damage your natural lashes. Perfect if you want more volume and/or length  added to your natural lashes.


Russian Volume Lashes

Russian volume lashes are used to create a fluffier, thicker look. I create the handmade fans during the appointment and apply to each lash 1 by 1. This technique is the most advanced and great care and attention is taken to create the desired look, whether you want to enhance your natural lash thickness and/or length or want to go full on glam!  

Contact us with any questions

We aim to please at Ragdoll Lashes and we want you as our customers for this event or lash fit and the next. We invest time and good quality in to how you look and feel so you know you can rely on us every single time.

If you look amazing, we’re happy

We’re proud of our positive feedback and regular custom. Here are some of our lash queens. If you have any questions about our services please call or email us. We’ll be happy to answer all of your queries.

The Best Lashes in the South

Our home studio is in Wallington, Surrey and has easy on the road parking. We will send our full salon address after your booking is confirmed.

If you’re looking for fabulous lashes that are worth fluttering your eyes for then Book Online here, or call us to book.

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